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How Are Rising Interest Rates Impacting Business?

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

We are feeling the pinch of inflation in our pocketbooks. We are also experiencing rapid increases in interest rates. Gerard Buccino, CEO of Centrust Bank, was featured today on Milwaukee TMJ4’s Morning Blend to explain what it all means.

To Recap:

Rising interest rates can mean higher returns on savings. That’s the good news: Rising interest rates mean that the money you’ve deposited is now eligible for higher returns. The bad news is the level to which those rates rise is left somewhat to the discretion of individual financial institutions. So, while you may see a higher return, there’s no guarantee you’ll see the highest possible rate out there.

Deposit management services can provide significant value. As a bank, Centrust can spread your business’s extra cash around to a network of other banks to get the best possible return. It’s a valuable addition to your overall cash management strategy, particularly when rates start to rise.

Contact us at Centrust Bank to learn more. We are here to help! or 847.267.1331.


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