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Our People Make the Difference

Letter from the CEO

Centrust Bank has grown to be one of the area’s top-performing banking companies built upon our reputation for Commercial Banking services. We succeed with our team of experienced bankers who deliver superior service and a full spectrum of deposit, lending and online banking products and services.

Great banking relationships begin with outstanding products and services. But it’s the combination of knowledge and sector-specific expertise at Centrust Bank that brings our clients a competitive advantage. Our Bankers work to stay ahead of the curve across a wide range of industries. It’s one more way our highly experienced bankers are committed to knowing more and doing more for our clients. From startups to transitioning family businesses from one generation to the next, we provide bank financing to the entrepreneurs that seek to acquire and grow their own businesses.


Our Commercial Bankers are seasoned veterans, several having decades of commercial and community bank experience. Our Senior Management People own significant amounts of the Bank. We are entrepreneurs just like many of our clients. We understand small and mid-sized business because we are one. We get Entrepreneurship!


Beyond the resources of our banking team, we also delight in providing introductions to other business professionals who may be a good fit to add value to our business clients and additional service needs such as accounting, wealth management, insurance and legal.

Together the Bankers and clients of Centrust Bank have created a strong, growing and successful Community Bank with exactly the bank credit and deposit services required by the residents and business owners of the Northshore communities that we are ideally located to serve.

This will never be a “do it yourself” bank. You may have experienced this “style” as you were directed to a website or call center of some too-large bank. Not very personal service, is it? We meet with our customers face-to-face, person-to-person, at times and places most convenient for business owners and depositors. We routinely extend business hours past lobby hours to engage with our clients. “When was the last time you met and spoke with your bank president?” is a question we often ask our prospective clients. Personal visits by our President and our Senior Loan Executives to our clients’ businesses lead to fast loan approvals. Most banks do not function our way. Our Bankers are at your service in our lobby and your phone calls are answered personally. They are steps away from getting you competitive rate decisions in minutes. Our Bankers make Centrust Bank a very unique, locally owned Full-Service Community Bank.​


As a model for community banking, we focus on helping small to mid-sized businesses grow safely, profitably and with sufficient capital. Centrust Bank has become a premier SBA lender and one of the largest SBA lenders and specialists in Illinois.

We make loans happen, when perhaps other institutions did not look beyond the spreadsheets.

We are a nationally charted bank, and our Depositors have access to $250,000 of FDIC insurance per depositor. Using the FDIC guidance on structuring joint deposits larger than $250,000, we can assist you on insuring your large deposits.

We look forward to the opportunity to assisting you.


Gerard Buccino

Chief Executive Officer

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