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Chicago Area Bank Provides Local Businessman SBA Loan to help Purchase Packaging Company

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

For Berryman Transfer and Storage Co., the company began way back in 1896, with a horse-drawn wagon. Berryman Transfer’s business started as a coal and ice delivery service to the surrounding Joliet area. It eventually moved on to transporting household furniture until transitioning the warehouse into a distribution service in 2012.

When the former owner of Berryman Transfer was ready to shift into retirement, he put the company up for sale. Searching for the right candidate, he found businessman Abdallah Fadel. Fadel was prepared to invest, however, he needed financial support.

Being a longtime customer of Centrust Bank, he immediately reached out. Centrust responded to the financial needs by providing an SBA loan to purchase the business as well as a line of credit for working capital. Fadel now had the necessary support and tools to carry on this long-standing business and ensure growth for the future.

Centrust Bank SBA Programs

Centrust Bank has always focused on helping small to mid-sized businesses grow profitably and safely by ensuring that each client receives the specific financial help they need to be successful. Centrust Bank understands entrepreneurship because, like many of their clients, they are also entrepreneurs. Their experienced commercial banking professionals are dedicated to helping businesses, big and small, grow to their maximum potential.

“Centrust Bank has become a premier SBA lender and one of the largest SBA lenders and specialists in Illinois,” said Centrust Bank CEO, Jim McMahon.

About Centrust Bank

Founded in 2006, Centrust Bank has grown to become a leading Chicago area community bank that focuses on helping small to mid-sized businesses grow safely and profitably. Centrust has established itself as a leader in, and excels at, offering SBA programs for small businesses.

To learn more, or to contact Centrust Bank, please visit their website:

Centrust Bank is an Equal Housing Lender. Member FDIC.


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