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Chicago Apparel Company Launches Million Mask March to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Chicago area Image Apparel Solutions recently launched their “Million Mask March” donation program to help protect local organizations who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In many states across the country, mandatory face mask laws are beginning to be enforced. The shortage of face masks has inspired many to get creative and begin making their own. Tim Kelliher, President of Image Apparel Solutions, has done just that, by supporting and protecting workers at local community organizations. Image Apparel Solutions, a full-service apparel decorator, located in Wheeling, Illinois, is currently in its 28th year of business and has done work such as uniforms for Northwestern University and branded apparel for many top corporations, and are one of Centrust Bank’s remarkable PPP loan recipients.

When Kelliher was faced with the threat of 105 job losses at his company’s manufacturing source in Mexico, they were able to retool their factory to increase capacity up to 10,000 face masks per day for Image Apparel Solutions to sell.

“I wanted to sell them, but I wanted to make some sort of impact with them,” Kelliher says, “if we could get the costs right, we would be able to give masks to organizations in need of them, like one for one.”

It took Kelliher and his manufacturer about four days to come up with a plan and a design that met CDC guidelines, being able to donate one mask for every mask sold. Kelliher did not just want to create a mask and put his company’s logo on it, but allow consumers to customize the masks with their own logos.

“Our customers are asking for face coverings, but I don’t want to be just another company selling it. I wanted to figure out a way to give back to the community. I wanted to make them with our customer’s logo on it, not ours, and every time I sell one I am giving one away to an organization in need. And, we were able to keep 105 people employed,” Kelliher states.

Image Apparel Solutions’ donation program, called “Million Mask March”, launched April 27th and has already sold over thirty thousand masks in its first week alone. Their goal is to be able to donate one million masks within ninety days, and organizations can get involved by visiting Tim’s LinkedIn, the Image Apparel Solutions Facebook page, or call their main office at (847)-229-2000.

Centrust Bank CEO, Jim McMahon, states, “Tim is a tribute to resilience and strategic thinking. He found his niche, made the investments in technology that he needed to remain competitive. This little pandemic challenge is nothing compared to what he has faced and endured.”

About Image Apparel Solutions and Million Mask March

Image Apparel Solutions is a full-service contract apparel decorator. Their personal and business philosophies are centered on exceptional customer service and a commitment to technology that allows them to outperform their competition consistently. Their services include laser appliqué, embroidery, screen printing, in-house digitizing, graphic design, chenille, and custom product development. At IAS, they know that superior customer experience starts with their employees. Their commitment to their company’s philosophy and customer service is what sets Image Apparel Solutions apart from the competition. Learn more at Face coverings are $4 each, and one will be donated for every one bought. Email your logo and choose what organization to donate to, and they will be sent on your behalf. Email at

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