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Centrust Provides Construction Loan to Assist Developers in Refurbishing Vintage Building

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Aiden Development Corporation is a real estate development firm working hard on renovating vintage townhomes in the Wrigleyville area, updating finishes, and adding modern amenities to attract young buyers. However, they couldn’t have refurbished these classic properties without the help of Centrust Bank. Centrust provided Aiden with the financing they needed to modernize these homes properly.

“We like the fact that Aiden is a local business,” says SVP of Centrust Bank, John Thomas. Centrust isn’t a stranger to helping and building relationships with local companies. The team understands the importance involved in putting together a construction loan.

Centrust’s loans allowed Aiden to buy and renovate this vintage townhouse on North Kenmore St. in Chicago, as well as add value to his investment portfolio. “We were really excited about this property, its unique features, and great location,” John states.

Aiden is a local businessman who not only runs a successful real estate development company, but also owns Wrigley View Rooftop right across the street from Wrigley Field.

About Centrust Bank’s Construction Loans and Financing

Whether you are constructing a residential or a commercial building, we can structure a construction line of credit to help with your construction needs. This line of credit is typically interesting only and can last for terms of up to 18 months. Our construction lending team has over 100 years of construction lending experience in all areas of construction financing.

About Centrust Bank

Originally founded in 2006, Centrust Bank has grown to become a leading Chicago area

community bank. Centrust Bank pays special attention to helping small to mid-sized businesses grow safely and profitably. Centrust is also one of the largest SBA lenders in Illinois. Centrust Bank provides individuals and small businesses with financial solutions such as SBA and conventional lending. To learn more or to contact Centrust Bank:

About Aiden Development Corporation

Since 2000, Aiden Development has established itself within the greater Chicagoland area as a general contracting corporation. Aiden specifically focuses on refurbishing residential properties into luxury homes and rentals. Their proven hard work and dedication has granted them an outstanding reputation in the community. Vintage architecture, modern features, and efficient floor plans are all factors of Aiden’s colossal success.


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