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Centrust Bank Builds Lasting Relationship with Dr. Ivan Wolfson, PSY.D

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Back in 2014, Dr. Ivan Wolfson, PSY.D came into contact with Centrust Bank— and the rest was history. Dr. Wolfson owns Wolfson Psychological Services in Deerfield, Illinois, where he provides clinical psychological services to patients. Dr. Wolfson is one of Centrust’s outstanding clients, for he is cooperative, hardworking, and likes when his banks do business the right way.

Centrust bank doesn’t necessarily loan any money or provide any financing to Dr. Wolfson’s practice; however, the practice own’s some real estate in association with Dr. Wolfson. What is unique about Centrust’s services for with Dr. Wolfson, is it is more like a strong bond due to outstanding service, close proximities, and genuine relationship building. Dr. Wolfson’s practice is just down the street from the bank, making it easy for him to stop by in between patients, keep in touch with bank employees, and do his banking in person. Due to these factors, a great relationship has developed between the two parties.

Centrust assists Dr. Wolfson in a few loans for himself, single family homes, and smaller apartments. Dr. Wolfson has even shown interest in construction in St. Petersburg, Florida, showing that Countryside will follow wherever their customers’ journeys may bring them. Centrust not only provides loans and financing to help businesses grow, but they care about developing authentic relationships with their clients.

About Dr. Ivan Wolfson and Wolfson Psychological Services

Based in Highland Park, Illinois, Dr. Ivan Wolfson, CP, PSYD, is a Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years of dynamic experience, specializing especially in Clinical Psychology. His practice, Wolfson Psychological Services, specializes in Clinical Psychology, Psychology, Mental Health, and Group Psychotherapy. Wolfson Psychological Services has two medical offices in the state of Illinois.

About Centrust Bank

Originally founded in 2006, Centrust Bank has grown to become a leading Chicago area community bank. Centrust Bank pays special attention to helping small to mid-sized businesses grow safely and profitably. Centrust is also one of the largest SBA lenders in Illinois.

Centrust Bank provides individuals and small businesses with financial solutions such as SBA and conventional lending. To learn more or to contact Centrust Bank:

Centrust Bank is an Equal Housing Lender. Member FDIC.


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